Yevhen Shyrii

Electronics Engineer

On 24 February 2022, Russian occupying forces entered Gostomel and used a cannon to shoot down the entire façade of the building where I was living. Fortunately, fire did not break out – even though they shot an anti-tank guided missile into my apartment. I managed to grab hold of my cat and run down to the basement, where I lived for a week. I was not able to leave the city with my family until 11 March, when an evacuation corridor was opened.


"I returned to work as soon as my boss called me to say that it was time to start rebuilding the factory. I had to live in a rented flat in another town at first, because my accommodation in Gostomel had not only been destroyed but also looted by the occupying forces."

Colleagues in the HR department told me about the Foundation. Since I already had some paperwork to hand, it didn't take me long to apply for more documents: it only took six weeks for me to receive help. Thanks to the Foundation, I have almost completely restored my home to the way it was before the war, and I am now living in my own flat again.

Support of this sort for our employees is extremely important. Many people have lost everything, and the Foundation is a lifeline in these difficult times of war.