Liquid gold

23.06.2021: With its glass packaging for Aznauri brandy, Vetropack Gostomel is proving just how much a bottle can reflect the image of a brand and a sophisticated tipple.

The name Aznauri comes from the ancient honorary title, which was awarded for special merits. Equally illustrious and exalted is the brandy of the same name, distilled by the Ukrainian company Global Beverage. In keeping with the world of nobility, the brand’s image is dominated by majestic lions. A unique drink like this needs a very special bottle, just like the one made by Vetropack Gostomel.

To show off the dark gold, shimmering colour of the brandy, the 0.25-, 0.5- and 0.7-litre bottles are made from thick, colourless glass. The combination of the curves and convex engraving on the front is stunningly harmonious. Two grand lions holding a crown above the letter A reflect the nature of the drink: strong and proud, yet unique and self-sufficient. No question, this bottle really does boost the enjoyment of genuine connoisseurs.