Purpose, values and opportunities for growth at Vetropack

The purpose and values of our company are the basis of our work: "We make sure that everyone can enjoy food and drink products in the most elegant, safe and responsible way possible". This allows us to identify with our products and to always act responsibly.  Ours is a commitment (ENGAGE) to ourselves, our customers and the environment.

Ensuring accountability 
Navigating safely together 
Guaranteeing leadership in quality 
Anticipating change 
Generating trust and confidence 
Exercising environmental responsibility 

Through its values, Vetropack promotes a corporate culture that gives concrete form to its brand identity. In order to nurture the sense of belonging to the company, it relies on the enhancement of the relationship between the company and its people, knowing that a positive company climate generates motivation and favours the achievement of objectives. 

For this reason, Vetropack is an employer that cares about its people. The working environment, always performing, allows professional development paths, supported by continuous training, aimed at increasing skills and professionalism. In addition, the company's focus on innovation allows it to launch numerous work projects that stimulate motivation and fuel a desire for personal growth.  

In 2021, more than 7,700 hours of training were provided in Vetropack Italia, and several initiatives were launched at Group level to bring out professional figures with strong leadership skills.

If you feel motivated and have a desire to test yourself in a fascinating environment such as glass manufacturing, take a look at our career page