Success Stories

We work with our customers to develop custom glass packaging that embodies their product idea and marketing strategy in three ways: in its look, feel and materials. Good design gives a product a clear identity and positions it strategically in the market. The Vetropack glass specialists enjoy sharing their years of experience and work closely with our customers.


Kotányi's innovative herb and spice mill: a story of constant evolution

Austrian herb and spice manufacturer Kotányi tapped into the spirit of the times by introducing its ergonomically shaped herb and spice mill with an integrated grinder. The grinding mechanism has been improved over the years and the weight of the mill itself has also been steadily reduced to make it more sustainable.

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Glass packaging from Vetropack has helped Château Purcari’s Moldovan wines to win many prizes all over the world

As exclusive supplier and strategic partner to the Purcari Wineries Group, Vetropack provides premium bottles for the renowned Negru de Purcari vintages and lightweight glass packaging for the new ‘Native’ organic wines.

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Why 1664 Blanc is so successful – and what role its famous blue bottle plays

Carlsberg launched its 1664 Blanc beer as an international brand in 2016 – and ever since then, it has never stopped growing. There’s no doubt that one factor in this success story is the distinctive blue bottle – supplied by Vetropack. Read more



By introducing Vetropack's lightweight bottles for another beer in its range, Austria’s Mohrenbrauerei brewery is cutting its CO2 emissions

Our robust, lightweight returnable bottle is creating a sensation in this corner of Austria: following Mohrenbräu Pfiff, Mohrenbräu Spezial is now the second beer available from this brewery in the practical and exceptionally sustainable 0.33-litre lightweight glass bottle from Vetropack. Read more