There is always room for improvement 

Vetroconsult, a member of the Vetropack Group, is an engineering and consulting company which allocate the potential for profit in the container glass industry. Vetroconsult has enjoyed much success in the worldwide glass industry for more than twenty years. As a renowned technology leader, Vetroconsult has both the know-how and the ability to provide consulting services in the glass container industry in the area of furnaces, production processes, quality management systems, maintenance and engineering.

Vetroconsult offers custom-made consultancy services adapted precisely to the individual needs and requirements of our customers. Our services include all the technical activities which a glass manufacturer must deal with. A major aspect of reducing costs is related to optimizing manpower and applying efficient organizational structures and processes.

Vetroconsult relies on the long, outstanding and proven experience of its own consultants and engineers in the Vetropack facilities. After Vetropack acquired plants in Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Italy, Vetroconsult engineers implemented the necessary modernization to meet high technical standards and productivity within a very short time.

Vetroconsult increases your profits by streamlining costs and improving productivity. Based on the results of a plant analysis, using various instruments, Vetroconsult engineers explore the possibilities available to increase the operation's profitability.