Vetropack Companies

The Vetropack Group is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of glass packaging. With a workforce of over 3,000 people, it runs eight production sites in Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Italy. At the glassworks, which are all ISO 9001 certified, there are 18 furnaces capable of producing more than 4,000 tonnes of glass packaging per day.

Vetropack has its own companies in Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine and Italy for the production and distribution of glass packaging. Vetroconsult Ltd., based in Switzerland, provides services relating to technology, production, information technology and the procurement of all capital goods. These services are provided for all Vetropack companies.

In addition to these companies, the Swiss-based retailing company Müller + Krempel Ltd. and the property management firm Vetroreal Ltd. are also members of the Group.

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